Android Apps count to 150000 in Android Market

[ 2011/02/16 ]


At the MWC(Mobile World Conference)in Barcelona, outgoing Google CEO Eric Schmidt has revealed certain facts related with Android.The smartphone race is still on and the competitors are relying heavily on their Application stores that sells their Apps. Apple leads with its App Store stuffed with 300,000 Apps. The runner up is our Google with its Android Market packed with half the number of Apps that are available in Apple’s App Store i.e., 150,000 Apps. Nokia is now on a head-to-head competition with RIM. Nokia’s Ovi Store is filled with 30000 Apps while RIM’s App World has 20000 Apps in total. RIM has however expanded its App World by creeping to 101 markets which are already live in 27 countries.

Screenshot From Android Market WebStore

Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that  Android-based smartphones can save the world as long as people wish to share information with Google.”We now have all of the world’s information at our fingertips.I’m not sure it will prevent war, but it will produce a lot of talking before war starts.”, said Schimdt. “You’re never lonely, you’re never lost, you’re never bored, and you’re never out of ideas,” Schmidt said. “It’s all because of our ability to understand what you care about, get relevant information to the devices you carry around, and use supercomputers in the cloud to process all that data.”, he added.

When all these figures run through our minds, the most significant figures is that of  Android Market with 150,000 Apps which means that it tripled to these figures within 9 months which is amazing denoting the rapid growth of Android Apps and the OS.Google revealed that 350,000 activations are done in 69 countries with 27 manufacturers, 170 devices and 169 carriers.

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